Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah Palin speech honoring service members canceled due to lunatic left-wing hate machine

The personal hatred and death threats against the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, from the left-wing Socialist Progressive Democrats, have forced the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation, in Denver, Colorado, to cancel their 2011 Patriots and Warriors Charity Gala, designed to honor service members and those who have served and/or sacrificed for the country.
The left-wing Progressives' threats on Twitter, have been quite plentiful against Sarah Palin. Some of the Tweeters wish Palin would die of cancer, while others advocate for her assassination.
  • “I hope Sarah Palin dies.”
  • “So…will everyone be satisfied then when Palin is assassinated? You know she’s next.”
  • “Palin is a murdering bi*** who deserves a cross-hair on HER house so Al-Qaeda can come shoot HER family. See how that feels, republican trash.”
From the Party of union thugs, domestic terrorism flourishes. Unfortunately it's too late, but when will you realize the Democratic Party has been taken over by Socialist goon squads?