Sunday, February 20, 2011

If Progressive Socialism and Labor Unions Controlling our Country is so great, then Why are ALL Left Wing States Bankrupt Today?

by Michael Pinson, Founder
Americans For Freedom

If having a Progressive Socialist Government and Labor Unions control the city, county and state government budgets vs allowing the voters to control them, then why are "Socialist / Union Controlled States" like CA, NY, PA, NJ, OH, MI. MN, WI, IL, MD BANKRUPT today? These States have been under the control of the Unions and Progressive Socialists for 30+ yrs. So why do we want Congress to follow this path?

The Progressives failed at expanding into the Private Sector because workers realized that the Unions were killing American jobs, not supporting them. Every major industrial city was taken over by the Labor Unions from 1930 through 1985. The Unions moved in an took over the city, county and state governments. They supported increased union labor and litigation, followed by government taxes to pay for higher government union costs. These higher taxes and litigation costs have closed down entire industries in America and pushed jobs off shore.

Today, the Unions control only 7% of the private sector labor force. Since about 1965, the Labor Unions saw this as a risk. So since then, they have moved across the country taking over city, county and state governments in order to pass and control laws that are favorable for Unions and Anti-Business. Their solution is to continue to expand Class and Race Wars in order to expand hate in the local communities. This is followed again by higher taxes as the Labor Unions expand control over the local government, followed by control over the Federal government. If you object, then the Labor Unions personally and yes, even physically attack you. The Labor Unions and Socialist Party has a long term documented history of physical violence and damage to private property against anyone who openly opposes them. This is so well documented, that the unions do not even try to deny it today.

The Unions realized that by controlling the government, they would have the power to increase workers pay and "Union Dues'. The SEIU today generates over $500 million in annual dues from its members today. By gaining control of the Teachers and public schools, the Unions would have the power to teach children pro-union beliefs and Anti-Capitalism. We have seen this increase since about 1990 in CA, IL, MI, NY, PA, WI, OH NJ and other states. The Teachers Union is now pushing Progressive Socialism in schools in GA, TX, FL, CO, VA and other "Right to Work" states in order to produce future pro-Union, Progressive voters. These states are known as "Swing States' in the Presidential and Congressional elections.

Today, the Labor Unions have gained control over 43% of the entire nations State governments, and all of the Federal Government vs only 7% of private sector. Their goal is to gain full control over the nation, then pass new Labor Laws like France that will create a National Labor Union that will be masked as a "Civil Rights" issues. In France, employers must follow National Socialist Labor laws. For example, before a private business owner can fire or lay off an employee, he must apply for permission to the government court to explain why he wants to do that. This is exactly what the Democrats support for American to implement. The German Socialist Party has state laws making it illegal for someone to work more than 35 hours per week, and workers must have six weeks paid vacation. Interesting how the German government stated this week how foreign workers is draining their government budgets where Germany is planning to boot out it's own "Legal Workers".

Under the AFL-CIO union contracts with government, the Union may demand any pay and benefits that they wish. If the city or state refuses to agree, then the local government is pulled into binding arbitration. This gives the control of the city or state budgets to an unelected third party. Such control then bankrupts the government if the city or state does not expand a Socialist State control followed by higher taxes over private citizens and industry.

Another problem is Union Control over government is that retirement benefits for many union positions is 80% to 100% of the Union members pay. This is based on the last years of Union pay before retirement. So the year before a Government Union worker retires, the employee works a massive amount of over time. Since the Union runs the government, this overtime for fellow Union members is being allowed in the last year work before 20 years of retirement. The professors at colleges are doing this as well. So if a Union member earns $80,000 per year, they work overtime so much that they earn $120,000 per year in their last year of work. Under the Union contract, they will receive 80% of $120,000 vs 80% of $80,000 for the rest of their life. Under this model of 20, even 30 years of work, then everyone in the country should be Government Union Member. The reality is that the Government Unions have bankrupted the State governments.

So the reality here is that the American Unions have been transformed into a Socialist Labor Party Movement as they are going after full control over the government.


Years ago, it was illegal for the Labor Unions to have collective bargaining with any level of government. It is time to end Labor Union control over our schools, colleges, courts and government. The first step will be to end such control by the unions so that the local government can once again be under the power and direction of the American Voters.

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